Mindfulness Challenge 2018 - Mindfulness Challenge 2018
Mindfulness Challenge 2018
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I'm Meditating For Mental Health!

I'm delighted to be participating in Mindfulness Challenge 2018. It's a 4-hour meditate-athon to raise money for a great cause — mindfulness programs to help disadvantaged people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Here’s a startling statistic: 1 in 5 Canadians lives with mental illness. Anyone can find themselves alone, out of work, and unable to get the help they need.

But thanks to The Centre for Mindfulness Studies, help is available. 

Mindfulness-based therapy is evidence-based and cost-effective. It can make a real difference. Just ask Warren, who went from bankruptcy, homelessness, and constant anxiety to feeling grounded and focused on his job. "All the diversions and things that can knock me off track don’t affect me." Read his full story here.

Alice, a client of the Parkdale Activity and Recreation Centre, said:

The mindfulness has helped my anxiety a lot… really changed the way I do things. I used to be a person who would say, I’m gonna beat you up. But mindfulness has helped me to be calm… I don’t scream anymore.
There are many more like Alice and Warren. More than can currently be helped. This is why I'm asking for your support. Please give what you can, within the bounds of what you can afford.

If you plan to support me, please don't put this off. The present moment is the perfect moment to give generously.

Thank you.


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