Mindfulness Challenge 2019 - Mindfulness Challenge 2019
Mindfulness Challenge 2018

Toronto - Chestnut Conference Centre

The Chesnut Conference Centre in Toronto is the main event site for Mindfulness Challenge 2019, where the teachings will be in-person and live-streamed to the other locations and virtual participants.

Mindfulness Challenge 2019 works like a walkathon or bikeathon - you ask people to sponsor you. We’ll provide you with the latest tools and great ideas to make it easy to reach your fundraising goal. We ask you make a sincere effort to fundraise at least $250. However, if you don't raise that much, we're still happy for you to participate. See our great fundraising prizes!


  • 10:30 Registration and Posture Tips open
  • 11:30 Settle into the hall
  • Noon Meditate-athon begins (includes snack)
  • 4:00 pm Meditate-athon ends, prizes
  • 4:15 pm End of program

Registration Fee:

Posture Tips

Sitting cushion maker REALthings will be offering posture tips in the lounge prior to the program. Please arrive early if you would like a posture checkup.

Mindful Snack

This year we will practice mindfully eating a snack (there will be no lunch). Please make sure to eat before the event. Our snacks are plant-based and gluten free. Nut and soy free snacks are also available. If you have any concerns, please email challenge@mindfulnessstudies.com or bring your own snack.

In the area:

  • Java Joe's on north side Dundas, just west of Chestnut
  • Aroma at 562 Bay Street just south of Dundas. They are offering us 10% off, and 20% if you get a meal. Just tell them you're participating in Mindfulness Challenge 2019.
  • Longo's on south side Dundas at Elizabeth (between Bay and Chestnut) - take out
  • Denny's next to Longo's
  • Tim Horton's at SW corner University & Dundas

What to Bring

  • Yoga mat - Please bring one, or you can rent one for $10 or buy one for $35
  • Sitting Cushion / Chair - If you want a sitting cushion, please bring your own, or you can rent one for $10 or buy one from REALthings. If you want to sit in a chair, we will provide one.
    • Bring your old sitting cushiondonate your used meditation cushions to the Centre for Mindfulness Studies, and REALthings will give you a 20% discount on new cushions
  • Water bottle 
  • Comfortable clothing suitable for sitting or gentle yoga
  • Slippers (no shoes in the hall)
  • Blanket or sweater in case you get cold
  • Cash or cheques sponsors gave you
For those intending to bring a zabuton (thick mat for under the sitting cushion), please consider using your yoga mat instead - so you don't have to move the zabuton to the side for some activities. The sits won't be too long. However, if you need a zabuton to sit comfortably, that's no problem.

Cash & Cheque Donations
We will accept donations, including any cash or cheques your sponsors gave you, and any top-up donations you wish to make. Please bring any cash or cheque donations to the event! For donors who want tax receipts, we'll need their address, postal code and email.

Please help us by entering your "offline" donations (cash or cheque) before you get here. Just login to the Participant Centre, click "Offline Pledges" (2nd from the right), and enter their info. You'll need their full name and address, including postal code, for them to get a tax receipt. You can use their email or your own.

Or fill in one of our downloadable, printable Multi-Donation forms.

Getting to Chestnut Conference Centre 
Chestnut Conference Centre is at 89 Chestnut Street, just south of Dundas and north of Toronto City Hall. Click here for map.

Parking is available at the Toronto City Hall parking garage. Parking on Saturdays is $8.00 max. You can enter from Chestnut, Bay or Queen.


Chestnut Conference Centre is close to 2 subway stops - St. Patrick and Dundas. You can also take either the Dundas or Queen streetcars.