Mindfulness Challenge 2019 - Mindfulness Challenge 2019

Meditate for Mental Health!

On November 9, join us for a 4-hour journey of mindfulness, heart opening, clarity and connection. Anyone can do it! The program features an incredible variety of mindfulness practices. With guidance by mindfulness teacher trainer extraordinaire Susan Woods and movement guru Roberta Mohler, it's an amazing way for beginners to dive in, and for experienced meditators to ride the wave of so many people practising together.

This year's theme is “Clear Mind – Open Heart.” Together, they are like two wings of a great bird, enabling us to respond to the stresses of life with more ease. They allow us to be present with ourselves, with others and with the world.

Help bring mindfulness for mental health to marginalized people who live with depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges, by participating in Mindfulness Challenge 2019 and asking friends, family and others to sponsor you. 
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A deeply rewarding act of compassion.” - Felix Almeida