Mindfulness Challenge 2018 - Mindfulness Challenge 2018

Meditate for Mental Health!

Help bring mindfulness for mental health to marginalized people who live with depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges, by participating in Mindfulness Challenge 2018 and asking friends, family and others to sponsor you. Register now!

The theme this year is Resilience - the ability to adapt to events in your life, to bounce back from difficulty, to learn, grow and thrive!

Life can be difficult. Mindfulness helps cultivate resilience so we can ride the waves. Participating will help cultivate your own resilience. More importantly, it will help those less fortunate to deal with the many difficulties they face, every day. That's why we say "Resilient self. Resilient communities."

The program features an incredible variety of mindfulness practices. 
With guidance by Lama Rod Owens, Dr. Zindel Segal and others, it's an amazing way for beginners to dive in, and for experienced meditators to ride the wave of so many people practising together.

Online registration is now closed, except for Virtual. You may register in person at the non-Toronto locations. Our Toronto location is now full.

You can make a real difference in people's lives